A Grand Stag Story part 2

Well apparently this post and the last one did not get scheduled correctly and both were set to post on the April 22nd with the scheduled April 22nd personal post. Neat. Anyways! Let’s pick back up where we left off.

The Story Continues

After being saved by my three guardian angels (Dr.’s Clark, Icennogle, and Johnna Farmer) from the literal jaws of death, they introduced me to the world of voice-overs and voice acting. A month of research later, it became abundantly clear that my passion was no longer in business. I was at a loss for what to do next. For the first time in my life I was like everyone else and had no idea what I was going to be doing next.

My initial plan was to go to South for business and then UA for law school. After a successful career in law and a few terms as a judge later I would try my hand in politics, retire happily, and that would be that. However, we all know what happened to that plan.

Seeing as I didn’t want to take any time off from classes, I spent a long and boring semester of pure gen ed while trying to figure out what to do. A former friend of mine finally pointed me in the direction of the Department of Communication and I’ve been there since. Spent about a year long stint on the campus radio station, enjoyed my classes for the first time since freshman year, things could only go up from there!

And believe it or not they did! In the summer of 2017 I was sent a link to a casting call for a major production company. There were already two and a half thousand other people who had auditioned prior to me, but I auditioned never the less. It’s like buying a lottery ticket. You know it will never happen to you but screw it, you do it just to say you had a chance.

The casting call had ended a month later and call backs had already happened at that point. I shrugged my shoulder and said “oh well” and moved on. Nothing gained nothing loss. However, the world has a funny way of working. Two months later I get a phone call from the casting director of that project. Apparently my contact information was swapped with another actor and they had been trying to reach out to me for the last month! I had won the lottery!

A month later I went out of town to record, meet some incredible people, and worked my heart to a stand still over the course of a week and a half. It wasn’t until I was filling out contracts that I had to take a pause. There was a box asking what studio/agent I was attached to. I had asked one of the coaches what to do and he nonchalantly said to “make something up.”

And so I did. I filled out that I was attached to WGC Studios (I know… how original right?) and that I self represented. I got a call back a few weeks later from that same coach who started the conversation off with “really?” I mean… I couldn’t blame the guy. With a lot of time and creative meetings with family and friends “Grand Stag Studios” was born. The stag comes from my family’s crest, the gold was meant to symbolize masculine power and emphasize the “grandeur”, and lastly the stag’s suit because (let’s face it) I’m in a suit 40% of the time and to symbolize the professionalism my studio proudly demonstrates.

In the year’s time that I’ve owned GSS, I’ve had the adventure of a lifetime. The studio has since expanded its repertoire to A/V productions, voice coaching, sound engineering, helping Gulf Coast talent get into the industry, consulting, casting direction, and social media/marketing management. On top of that I have six employees and represent eighteen talented Gulf Coast actors. It has been a short and unexpected journey, but definitely a welcomed one. I look forward to many more years doing what I love with the studio I created.


Many thanks for sticking around and listening to my story! I’ll be posting the rest of my entries manually now due to the scheduling glitch with WordPress. I look forward to seeing you all in the next one!


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