A Grand Stag Story pt. 1

It just dawned on me that I have never officially told the story on the founding of Grand Stag Studios. It has been a long process and it is one hell of a story, I can guarantee you that much!


Before Grand Stag Studios, or GSS was ever even a thought, everyone I would come across would comment on my voice. Just today I went to get my blazer hymned for an event and from the time that I said, “Hi, I need to get my blazer hymned by Monday of next week,” everyone in the building turned around and I was immediately asked how old I was. It’s the curse of a young “baby” face and a deep voice. However, this had been going on long before I started my voice over career.

Before I even considered being a voice actor or being a communication major for that matter, I was a business major at the University of South Alabama and looking at which law school I would be going to after undergraduate. Not only that but I was about to get engaged to my childhood best friend. Everything was going perfectly and life couldn’t have been better! Towards the end of 2016, I was happily engaged to the love of my life, rocking the business and legal worlds, and at the top of my game.

In late January of 2017 that all came crumbling down. My engagement ended out of the blue which absolutely shattered my world. I rapidly lost my grip in my classes and fell into a deep depression. I was unable to sleep, eat, or drink and my preservation and survival instincts had all but shriveled up.

I’ll preface this next bit by saying I truly wouldn’t be writing this article nor would I be on this earth were it not for three remarkable women who literally saved my life. Two professors in the business college by the names of Dr. Clark and Dr. Icenogle, and Dr. Clark’s administrative assistant, Johnna Farmer, “resurrected” me.

About two months later Ms. Farmer showed me that I wasn’t truly happy studying business anymore and that I should be using my voice. She had previously been an on-air host for a popular radio show in my hometown for many years and introduced me to the world of voice-overs and voice acting.

However, seeing as this article is running a bit long I’m going to end the story here and pick it back up tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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