Hosting with a side of Domain

Web hosting. Two words that absolutely confused me until two days ago when I started registering the Grand Stag Studios’ website. At first, I considered using before changing over to However, domains are a totally different monster. I was fortunate enough to be the first person to register but not everyone might be so lucky. Think of website domains as real estate.

If you keep the idea of real estate in mind, think of as the of web domains/URL’s.

I also cannot encourage you enough to just flat out purchase your website domain. I think I managed to net my professional website domain for under $30. I also got an SEO plan, hosting, and e-commerce feature for under $20 a month on A similar plan with Weebly would run me $30 a month with a 3% fee for every transaction using the website’s e-commerce feature. Obviously, you have to do some “shopping around” to find the most cost-efficient and best fit for you.


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