Say “Yes” to the Content Management System

So before we begin, you do realize you are using a content management system right now, right? But what is a CMS? Content management systems are essentially used by every content uploading website. It just makes content easier to be added and to be updated. But more importantly, did you know there are several content management systems out there?

Say “Yes” to the WordPress

WordPress is by far the best option for your CMS in terms of ease of use, creative input, and overall accessibility. In Nitish Tiwari’s article “3 open source content management systems compared” he agrees with the amount of creative input and elaborates on the sheer magnitude of the community, “With 2176 themes and 28593 plugins available on the official website, it quite clearly shows the might of the community behind WordPress.”

That and the fact that it is the easiest of the CMS’ goes a long way towards winning that “Best in Show” award.

In conclusion… just go with WordPress.



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