Accessibility on Web Videos

One of the great things about the internet is that it works for pretty much everyone. Despite barriers like hardware, software, language, or physical impairments it still reaches more people than any other method of communication. However, like I said in last week’s post, we cannot make assumptions as to their capabilities or disabilities. (ASSUMING MAKES AN ASS OUT OF U AND ME!!!)

So why do we even bother including videos on our websites when they seem like they are more trouble then they are worth? Let’s dive into that.



  • Playback: I know I get tired of it on a daily basis. You have a website you visit fairly often. You merely want to read through the page without having to watch/listen to the video. Suddenly, you start to hear something speaking and you wonder if you are going crazy. So you scroll down to the video and pause it… every… single… time… you visit that website. It. Sucks. PLEASE NOTE WHEN YOU ARE DESIGNING YOUR WEBSITE TO HAVE THE VIDEO ONLY PLAY WHEN YOU CLICK ON IT! Thank you.
  • Bad Video: We all know these videos. Either the cinematography is terrible, the message is useless, vague, or it is just unprofessional and sloppy. Pick any one or more of these gripes and it will heavily detract from your message or business. Tip? Don’t do it.
  • Relevance: if it isn’t relevant or serves a purpose? Just don’t do it. Nothing more needs to be said.



  • Exposure: in the sense that you are now on more than one platform. Now not only are you searchable on Google but now you can be viewed on YouTube as well. Win, win!
  • Style: not everyone communicates with just one method. Video adds another flavor, or variety, to your message. This is crucial to your average viewer who might get tired of your usual outlet for your message.
  • Scale: it has been scientifically proven that someone is more likely to watch a short video than read a long paragraph. Paragraphs look intimidating as to where videoes look nice and easy. Plus, let’s face it, less effort.

Thankfully my website isn’t in jeopardy of a pointless video that detracts from my message or business. The only videos I will be including are clips of my work or a trailer for my studio. All of which will be incredibly brief. Fingers crossed I get it right. Have a great rest of your week everyone and I’ll see you in the next one.



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