Casting Director (Is it for you?)

What is a C.D.?

Long story short, a casting director determines who will or will not be cast for a project based on a person’s audition. However, there is more to it than that. They also have to be able to cast based on vocal range, (if they are not local) the quality of their at-home studio’s audio, and if they can deliver on time. Being a casting director is tedious work and can often times be the cringiest part of the entire production. But is it a job for you? Let’s break it down.

Why be a C.D.

I fully believe every voice actor should be a casting director at least once in their career. Why? Because it allows you to hear what you have been doing wrong yourself and you will get to experience what other casting directors are looking for their own projects. As a matter of fact, aside from my professional recording career, I have primarily been a casting director for the better part of the last two months. I have heard the absolute best and the worst of the voice over world and when I say I’ve nearly lost faith in voice actors as a whole, I mean it. It’s almost like half of them don’t even go back and listen to their auditions before submitting them!

(Note to self: always go back and listen to the audition before you submit it.) See? Valuable lesson learned amongst others.



If you have the stones to tell someone they suck and reject their audition or if you can tell if someone sucks? Then this is the job for you. Then again, it is a great experience even if you can’t do any of the aforementioned things… such as myself.


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