What Do and Don’t You Understand?

Glad to have you all back again!

This blog will be primarily focused on the “Do’s and Don’ts” rules of blogging. As I said before, I hate blogging and I am by no means an expert. I prefer being an orator over doing this any day of the week.  But in our ever-changing mass communication focused world, we all have to adapt! These four tips were my greatest takeaways from this link.

Do: Use Pictures! 


I am a very visual person! That comes from being a photographer and abstract painter for close to a decade now, so I guess this one just clicked the first! Readers often gravitate more towards blogs filled with vibrant personality, not just information! I mentioned earlier that I am a visual person and I am guilty of clicking on those Facebook or YouTube videos with that pretty picture! The post says not all subjects we write about will necessarily be able to have a picture to go with it, but I think you should always include something even if it is just a piece of clip art or a motivational poster picture!

DO: Post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Let’s face it. We all have at least two social media accounts. Anyway you can get your content out there and anyway you can potentially get more eyes on it you should do it! Most social media outlets even let you directly post to all of your social media’s at once just by checking a box!

Don’t: Set Unrealistic Goals


The worst thing you can do is set unrealistic goals for yourself. Manage your expectations. Your content won’t become the next best thing overnight, and it definitely won’t happen if you have your head stuck in the clouds. This also goes for how often you post. As a content creator myself, I have learned to push back release dates in favor of higher quality. Remember: quality over quantity.

Don’t: Be Negative


So here is a fun tidbit about me: I used to be an incredibly pessimistic person. I soon came to learn that no one likes to be around a negative person, so it stands to reason no one wants to read or watch negative content! Always look for the bright side, but never fake your positivity. Keep in mind, there is also such a thing as being obnoxiously positive too that can turn an audience off just as quickly as negativity can.

So What?


Well, YOU should care! As someone who studies the art of communicating with others, it is our job to constantly expand our repertoire on how we can better communicate. We constantly need to know what to improve upon and what to stop doing immediately! What is trending and what isn’t. You get the point.

Funny enough, I have written the do’s and don’ts from the link down on both my planner, my Google notes, and have a sticky note resting comfortably on my mousepad on my computer. I will definitely be implementing these helpful tidbits into my future posts and I hope you all will do the same!


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